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sandy6 started this conversation
I received all of these get grants for years,But they don't give grants to individuals, The grants are given to organizations, and foundations and charities, if you want to apply for help thats where you need to start or you can go to cfda catalog of federal domestic assistance .org you will find it is very hard to get any grant, you need a grant writer to get help. But you need money to make money,Their are grants for school and you don't have to pay them to get it just go to a college and ask for help,and they will tell you what you have to do. also their is the Federal Register, The Gsa I believe it's
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Please get together and start writing to your Representatives,Senators, and please tell them everyone needs help, Thats how all of us might benefit,Please keep it to the point and keep it civil, and all of us need to stick together, and we all need to stop looking at the color of a person's skin , We are all Americans May JESUS Bless This Country and everyone in it. We all need to give our opinion, Don't Forget to voice your opinion to your President.
Thank you Sandy6
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